All about Cabana Parties at the Royal Palms

The Royal Palms is primarily a first come -first served walk-in shuffleboard club.

We do accept a limited amount of Cabana Party Reservations for groups of 10 or more...

 Cabana parties are priced at $50 per hour per reserved court,

plus a mandatory beverage package for all guests

Beverage Packages

  • $20 per hour per guest for unlimited beer/wine
  • $25 per hour per guest for unlimited beer/wine/well liquor
  • $30 per hour per guest for unlimited beer/wine/well liquor/The Royal Palms House-Kegged Cocktails
  • $35 per hour per guest for unlimited beer/wine/premium liquor                                                                      including the entire Royal Palms Signature Cocktail Menu
  • (Plus all taxes and gratuities)


KEG AND PREMIUM parties have the option to book for 3 HOURS (if available).

10 - 15 guests = 1 court + 1 cabana

16 - 20 guests = 2 courts + 1 cabana

21 - 30 guests = 2 courts + 2 cabanas

31 - 45 guests = 3 courts + 2 cabanas

46 - 75 guests = 3 courts + 3 cabanas

February Special:

Book your cabana party on a Sunday in February, and we'll comp your court fees! 

Use referral code 'SundayFunday' 

Fill out this form to get your party started! 

We'll get back to you within 48 hours

Got a group of 76 or more

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Cabana Party Faqs:

Q: Is there any way to reserve court time without booking a cabana party?
A: No. Aside from cabana packages, courts are rented strictly on a first come, first served basis.

Q: For cabana parties, is it required that all of my guests purchase a beverage package? If so, what about my non-drinking and or pregnant friends?
A: Yes. All members attending your party, even if they're not drinking or playing, must be included in the beverage package. However, non-alcoholic beverages are included in all of our packages.

Q: What happens if our final guest count ends up being more or less than our original contract?
A: You have until 48 hours before your event to adjust your headcount down within 10 percent of the original contracted amount. (All reservations have a 10 person minimum). Any additional guests will be added to your bill for the full 2 hour event, regardless of how long he or she is there. Please note, raising your headcount may not result in an additional court/cabana depending on availability.

Q: If I book a cabana party, what happens when our two hours are up? Do we have to leave or can we stay and pay for extra time / bar service?
A: Once your party is over you'll be asked to vacate your cabana/court but you're definitely welcome to continue hanging out and enjoying all the tropical fun that The Royal Palms has to offer.