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Burger Warrior Truck

warrior  /ˈwôrēər/: a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. A person known for having courage or skill.


20-year veterans of the food industry, Burger Warrior proprietors could certainly be considered industry warriors, but the real standout here is the burgers.  All of our burger patties are made from 100% Angus Beef,  Wagyu (American Kobe), Bison, or Turkey from some of the finest NY meat purveyors. They're served with homemade sauces and crisp local produce on soft, fresh brioche roll. With many burger choices (including a Vegetarian or Vegan option) and delicious Belgian style fries, Burger warrior NY will conquer your hunger and keep you coming back for more.

Earlier Event: June 20
Later Event: June 21
League Night